mimycri is a registered non-for-profit organization in Germany. In a diverse team, refugees and Berliners make history tangible by working together. We are upcycling broken refugee rubber boats into high quality bags and backpacks

The idea for mimycri was born on the Greek island Chios where the co-founders – Vera and Nora – volunteered several times since 2015 in the context of refugee arrivals. The direct confrontation with this humanitarian crisis motivated Vera and Nora to stay engaged and do something. They wanted to create a positive example of dealing with migration and how to foster integration.

Today, mimycri is able to provide small remuneration for contributors. mimycri strives to become more independent being able to invest in long-term structures and support other non-for-profit refugee organizations.

mimycri is about a change in perspective. It demonstrates that when we start to see things in a different way, a whole new world of possibilities can open up. We look for the good in the bad. We envision a world in which we help and support each other, just because we can – and because it feels good.

  • We do not see only plastic waste, we also see a beautiful future bag.
  • We do not only see tragedy, we see also opportunities.
  • We do not only see a societal challenge, we see individuals with skills and talents.

Collaboration: working together within the team brings us together while we all learn from one another. We are open for new members and partnerships that want to have a positive impact in our society.

mimycri aims at fostering a dialogue with and between people to better understand, accept and positively shape current developments in our society. The mimycri bags and backpacks function also as communication-starters.

Sustainability: We are using what is already there and give new life to rejected material. Furthermore, the sale of our bags and backpacks enables us to diversify our financial support sources and hence become more independent.

Integration: We are convinced that social and economic participation supports successful integration. Thus, we are working together with people who have just arrived in Germany. We also integrate meaningful products into our society and thereby create innovative and alternative ways to engage with the topic of (forced) migration.

mimycri derives from a phenomena in nature: the resemblance of an animal species to another species or to natural objects provides protection from predators. This analogy supports our overall logic to change perspective: Things might not always be what they seem at first sight.

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