“With a little help from a friend”

mimycri bags are made from tough rubber boat material and are made to last a long (possibly life) time. But even the strongest spirits have moments of irresistible weakness.

For the brave DYI souls among you and the ones with shoemakers of confidence around the corner, we can replace your spare parts free of charge. Just send us a message with a picture of the broken piece and we will send you the replacement as soon as possible.

In case your bag needs professional mimycri attention to get back in shape, please send us a message describing your problem and we will find a solution, which makes you and your bag happy again.

In general, we can replace and repair broken

  • Sewn-on buckles
  • Straps
  • Zips
  • Seams

If we agree that your bag needs to be treated by mimycri, it will come back to you fresh, relaxed and ready for the next adventure after a rejuvenating cure of around four weeks.